Untitled work on paper

Acryilc on paper.   2013    4o”high  30″ wide  

Illuminating Sign IV

Acrylic paint on formed wood panel.   2013   46″ high, 45″ wide, 3″ deep  

Studio installation: “Letters from Sleepless Travelers”

Acrylic paint on Tyvek, steel cable, lights.     2013  


Acrylic paint on formed wood panel.

Still Mind

Acrylic paint and oil stick on 2 formed Birch plywood panels.

Lincoln Park Conservatory installation: “Summer Light”

rope, buckram, bamboo, yellow plastic rope. 2010.  


pastel, paint and gold leaf on 6 formed wood panels 2006      72″ high, 54″ wide, 6″ deep

Lake Effect I and II

Acrylic paint on formed  plywood panels.         2013.     47″ high, 45″ wide, 3″ deep  each panel

Wedding Canopy

Bamboo, silk, paint. Maui. 2006.  


hanging installation acrylic on formed wood panels, buckram, wire, lights 2012 12′ high, 5′ wide, 5′ deep